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The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA):

IDPA is America's fastest-growing practical shooting discipline.  
Since its inception in 1996, IDPA has risen to fill the self-defense niche on today's shooting-sports menu.   The organization now numbers tens of thousands of in over three dozen foreign countries.   We have been formally affiliated with IDPA since 2007. So what exactly is IDPA? To quote directly from the rule book: "Defensive Pistol shooting as a sport is quite simply the use of practical equipment, including full-charge service ammunition, to solve simulated 'real world' self-defense scenarios." 

Shooting an IDPA match is a little like a round of golf.  You show up with your equipment (guns and ammo rather than clubs and balls), which you use to negotiate a course.   The lowest score (strokes in golf and seconds in IDPA) wins.  To finish the analogy, it is important to note that a round of golf is different from a golf lesson, just as an IDPA match is different from tactical training. Shooting an IDPA event is an opportunity to practice your gun-handling skills in a competitive yet friendly environment.

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Cowboy: HSC has an active Cowboy Community with two main groups:

Harvard Ghost Riders

Steel Challenge





The Harvard Sportsmen’s Club Biathlon group consists of a dozen plus active biathlon competitors, ranging from juniors in their teens to seniors over 70+. Our biathlon races and practices are conducted at 50 meters using bolt-action, open-sight .22LR caliber rifles. Races and practices are held throughout the year. Our races are open to independent biathlon competitors and those from other clubs. Depending on the weather, our standard sprint format comprises skiing, snowshoeing, running, walking or cycling 5km with four shooting stages. Come give biathlon at the Harvard Sportsmen’s Club a try. It’s fun, healthy, and a real challenge to hit those tiny targets 50 meters downrange after running several kilometers. See you at the range.

Race notifications and results are published on   Please contact Ned Berube for more information. 




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