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New Member Information

The Harvard Sportsmenís Club welcomes new members and encourages in our club and the outdoor sports. 
Prospective Members require sponsorship by a current HSC member.  The Sponsor is required to attend one of the monthly membership meetings with the Prospective Member where the Sponsor will introduce the Prospective Member to the club membership.
Our membership meetings are held at 6:30 pm in the clubhouse on the first Thursday of each month, except July as there typically isnít a meeting in July. At the meeting, the applicants pick up and fill out the membership form, and submit the application with a check or cash for the applicable fee and dues. The applicants are then interviewed by the Board. Basically, the Board members ask the applicants why they wish to join the club. There is no need to complete the application ahead of time as it is simple to do.

Anyone interested in joining HSC is welcome to attend the public events that are listed on the calendar.  Activities such as Bi-Weekly Breakfasts, weekly Open Practices, and Match events are great opportunities to see the club and meet members.  If you donít already know an HSC member who can Sponsor you, then these events are also good opportunities to make that connection.
The Monthly Meetings are followed by a mandatory safety briefing on the following Sunday at 8:30 am. This Range Safety Class is informative AND we try to make it a little fun. The Class usually runs until 10:00 (depending on how much we discuss politics).  Alternative schedules are available for folks who cannot attend on Sunday.
Each applicant must attend the Membersí meeting and Range Safety Class in order to complete the application process.
There is a fee of $150 for initiation, and the dues are $150 for the year. Student, associate and junior memberships are $15 each. September through January the dues for the current year are pro-rated. The Board will announce the cost at the meeting.
NRA membership is no longer a requirement. However, we do recommend membership in a group that supports our Second Amendment rights such as the NRA, GOAL or Comm2A. You can join or renew NRA membership online on the club website by clicking on the NRA Eagle.


Sponsor and Range Safety Class

Adults: $150/year plus $150 initiation (after membership for one year a $75 work credit is available)
Students, Juniors, & Associates: $15

Betsy Grecoe-Membership Secretary

Membership Application (doc)

2017 Renewal Application (doc)

2017 Application (pdf)

Permission Agreement for Minor Children





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