Harvard Sportsmen's Club Biathlon FAQ

How do I stay up to date with race, training, and practice announcements?

The principal communication method for the HSC Biathlon program is via posts to the HSC Biathlon Yahoo Group. You can view the group here

How can I get an email notification when there is a new post to the group?

If you join the Yahoo group you will get an email each time there is a new announcement. To join the group press              the Join Group button. You do not need to have a yahoo email address, you can sign up with your own email address.


Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes we do. It is used mostly for posting photos and race results. So use the Yahoo group for race announcements. The      facebook page is here


Do I need to be a member of the Harvard Sportsmen’s Club to race?

No you do not need to be a member to race. However, we hope that you consider joining the club to give back to the program.

I’ve raced elsewhere (Jackson, Jericho, Pemi), can I show up and race?

Yes, if you are an experienced biathlete just let us know your background. We will familiarize you with our safety procedures. Then you are free to race.

I’ve never done biathlon before, is the HSC biathlon program right for me?

Yes, we welcome biathletes of all abilities and experience levels. In the winter we offer ski or snowshoe courses. In the spring, summer, and fall we offer running, biking, or walking courses. We also ensure that our expert racers have the most genuine race experience possible. So as you get more comfortable with the sport, you can race at an expert level. Our expert racers are very willing to welcome you into the sport.

What if I don’t have a rifle?

While we don’t have official loaner rifles we do have members who have rifles that they will loan out. If you need a loaner, let us know before a race. Please keep in mind the ammunition that you use costs the person that gave it to you about $10 a box.

Can I just show up and race if I have never done so before? What if I’ve never shot a rifle?

We will do our best to get you racing on your first visit. Please let us know that you are coming. If things are super busy we may have you observe a race on your first visit and get you shooting on your second visit. From time to time we offer Newcomer sessions where we go over all of the basics of biathlon. Also, we often will set up practice sessions, which is a good time for us to get you oriented in the program.

I have a rifle, should I bring it?

Yes. You don’t need an official biathlon rifle, but your rifle does need to comply with these rules. If should be a .22LR with peep sights (no scopes). For ammunition it should be standard velocity, 40 grain, lead, round nose. No copper or hollow point ammo. The rifle should either be a single shot rifle or one with a 5 round magazine.

Do I race with the experts?

If you are new to biathlon we will have you race in the Novice class. In the Novice class we adapt the rules to give you early success in the sport. You will shoot at larger targets and use a rest to steady your rifle. You will race on the same course as the experts.

My child is interested in biathlon, can they participate?

One of the key missions of the Harvard Sportsmen’s Club is youth education. We are keenly interested in developing the next generation of biathletes. We will work with you and your child so your child is able to safely take part in a race and we will ask you to supervise your child.

What are the dates of upcoming events?

The dates for the upcoming races are:

- April 15

- May 5

- June 10

- June 23

- July 7

- July 29

- August 11

- August 26

- September 8

- September 23

- October 13

- October 28

- November 10

- November 25

What biathlon rifle should I buy?

That question has a long answer! Chat with other racers to get an idea of what rifle will be best for you.

When should I arrive for a race, how long do races last?

We are entirely a volunteer organization so we expect everyone to help with setting up and breaking down the course as much as possible. A typical day goes something like this:

 7:30 - Someone will pull the trailer with our equipment to the range

7:30 - Others assist with course set up

9:00 - Zeroing session (adjust rifle sights to ensure shooting accuracy)

10:00 - Race. We have many different race formats.

12:30 - Break down course

1:00 - Finish

What are the directions to the club? Where should I go once I am in the club? What if the gate is locked?

Directions to the club can be found here the winter we race on the 300 yard range. In the spring, summer, and fall we race on the 65 yard range.

To get to the 300 yard range, take the first left off of the entry road. Drive until that road ends at a T intersection. Take a right at the T intersection. The 300 yard range is the next left, with a red flag pole.

To get to the 65 yard range, take the first left off of the entry road. Drive until that road ends at a T intersection. Take a left at the T intersection. The 65 yard range is at the end of the road on the right.

If the gate is locked call Bob Latshaw at (508) 735-9990 or let an incoming member know you are here for a biathlon race.



I still have questions, who should I contact?

Contact Bob Latshaw at

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