The Harvard Sportsmen’s Club Biathlon group consists of a dozen plus active biathlon competitors, ranging from juniors in their teens to seniors over 70+. Our biathlon races and practices are conducted at 50 meters using bolt-action, open-sight .22LR caliber rifles. Races and practices are held throughout the year. Our races are open to independent biathlon competitors and those from other clubs. Depending on the weather, our standard sprint format comprises skiing, snowshoeing, running, walking or cycling 5km with four shooting stages. Come give biathlon at the Harvard Sportsmen’s Club a try. It’s fun, healthy, and a real challenge to hit those tiny targets 50 meters downrange after running several kilometers. See you at the range.

Race notifications and results are published on HSC Biathalon Please contact Bob Latshaw for more information. 

 Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for lots of information about our program. 

2018 Events

Races and/or Practices in 2018 will be held at the 65 Yard Range on these dates. The particular format for each event will be posted to HSCBiathlon.

- April 15
- May 5
- June 10
- June 23
- July 7
- July 29
- August 11
- August 26
- September 8
- September 23
- October 13
- October 28
- November 10
- November 25

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